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Textbooks: To Buy or Not To Buy

In our declining economy, there are enough expenses to worry about without having to worry about the cost of attendance and buying the needed supplies. After dealing with the stress of paying tuition most students have the dilemma of pricing books.

Each semester brings a new list of overpriced books, and an extremely low-buy back amount. As a student, I have been frustrated many times with the unavailability of used books and the prices of the new books. To end my frustrations and to save my piggy bank, I have explored my options for obtaining the required texts. If you like to keep textbooks as a reference for your area of study then buying used will still help you save. If you like to get rid of them when you are done with a course then consider renting. Be sure to check with professors because some books may not be required. Here are some tips I would like to share with you!

There are many online sites that will sale used books. This can be an easy choice for most because it is convenient and cost efficient. You will save time and gas by cutting out store hopping and you can shop at any time which is unavailable at stores.

The books are usually previously owned and are priced to move. You will also have the ability to compare many book prices at once. Let’s not forget the unbelievably long lines at the beginning of the semester wouldn’t we all love to escape that? Well there is no line on the internet so feel free to or till you drop! Don’t forget NVC’s bookstore now has rent- a-text so don’t just write them off!

However, everything that glitters isn’t gold!!!! Unfortunately there are some cons to this money saving idea. There is no way to see the real condition and be sure to read the small print there are casual warnings of how a chapter or two may be missing. There may also be light to heavy highlighting depending on the previous owner of course, and maybe even some tearing. Make sure you double check the syllabus and order the correct edition. Allow your books extra time to arrive through the mail because it can take a while and it’s not guaranteed unless you pay for express shipping.

Andrea` Parker
NVC Ambassador


Enjoy the Beauty!

Nearly two years ago, I toured the NVC campus for the first time while on a field trip with my daughter’s school. I instantly fell in love with the natural beauty of the campus. The flora and fauna along with the aesthetically pleasing architecture and layout of the campus amazed me. That was just one of the many reasons why I chose NVC when I was ready to go back to college.

Fast forward two years, and I am still as happy as can be and enjoy exploring our campus every chance that I get. My latest class schedule has me walking from Pecan Hall to Live Oak Hall every Tuesday and Thursday. I enjoy my leisurely strolls past the “lake” and have even been documenting some special residents of our campus. I have been blessed to be able to watch the little duck family of our campus grow and thrive. I have even been allowed to get close enough by the mommy duck to take some very nice pictures. It is always refreshing to see the little duck family and watch the three little ducklings growing up before my eyes.

I love to stop and sit on the benches by the “lake” and just watch the ducks or even just the rippling of the water. It helps me to remember that life isn’t about rushing around and getting everything done in super-speed mode. I must take the time to stop and appreciate all that is around me. In fact, often after my little breaks outside, I feel more relaxed and refreshed.

So, the next time you have a chance, have a seat outside by the “lake” and take a minute or two and just breath and enjoy the scenery.

Dawn Thomas
NVC Ambassador

Newton Vista

A2 +B2 +C2 = The power of you

Mathematics is like every other language spoken worldwide, it is the only language that does not change, can’t be modified; unlike English, does not lie, and can be applied. Could this be true?

Mathematics has been in existence from the beginning, we apply it every day whether we know it or not. This is a language that speaks and things happen. When you understand this language, you feel like you are sitting on the chair of Einstein; “Wow!!!” what a feeling.

The math lab at Northwest Vista is equipped with ever-ready Einstein’s to help you tackle whatever problem you are encountering in understanding our favorite language. Do you know that Northwest Vista has the highest percentage of excelling students in mathematics? Haha.. got you there. Whatever may be your accent in this language, I and my crew have got your back. We will take those pieces of wrong from you and give you packages of right. We speak all branches of mathematics ranging from developmental math to calculus 3.

We tutors are here and ready whenever you need us, and don’t be afraid to ask any questions because we will feed you with the knowledge right out of the hands of the “grandfather of all knowledge”!!

Come join us Monday through Saturday and we will help you absorb this digital language and leave you feeling like a cyborg.

“The important words of nature are written in mathematics”  by Galileo Galilee

Andrew Opara
NVC Ambassador
Math/Science Lab Tutor

“Speed Meetings” at the Cafeteria

Normally I do not have time between classes to go to the Cafeteria in CCC, but one day my class got out early and I was really hungry,so I went. I soon found out that it is complete chaos in there!

Everyone is trying to find a place to sit and I noticed a lot of people scanning the room to see if maybe they know someone from a class they can sit with. I was able to find the very last 4-person table that was open and I ran over and sat down. Then, I noticed that there were some people that would go up to random people that they didnt know and ask if they could sit with them. I really like seeing this because it shows that alot of students are comfortable just sitting down with a complete stranger in the cafeteria. I even had someone come up to my table and ask if they could sit down, of course I said yes. I learned alot about the guy in that short time, including what his major was and we got to talking about why he chose to go to NVC instead of surrounding colleges closer to where he lives.

I hope that more people can find an open seat for someone to sit with in the cafeteria, cause it is interesting to see what other students think about our campus. Also for people that have trouble finding a place to sit, DON’T be afraid of your fellow students!

Michelle Lessard
NVC Ambassador

Parking: Not So Bad!

Hey Wildcats! And you FUTURE Wildcats scoping out our website!

Parking is NOT so bad here at Northwest Vista! This is coming from a person who DEFINITELY likes to keep driving around for that front parking spot or who will wait that 10 minutes with my blinker on for that close spot, while the person I’m patiently waiting on is slowly climbing in, slowly fastening their seatbelt, checking their phone, finding a radio station and finally decides to pull out knowing very well I’m waiting for them! (While laughing – you know what I’m talking about).

Parking usually seems to be at its worst, of course, when we’re running late for our class or meeting! That’s normal, Wildcats, so don’t let it get you down and out! Let’s be courteous and friendly and FUN towards our fellow Wildcats while driving around, they could be a key to your successful future or you’ll just feel much better inside!

Those of you NIGHT ‘Cats, a couple of few safety tips… depending on your parking spot: reverse on in! Sometimes, backing up into the parking spot leaves you a clear path to your driver’s side door when walking back at night! You might even try parking a little further up in your parking spot! Pull up a little! Just don’t go beyond where the white lines end, we don’t want to cause traffic problems! Tips are not to alarm you, but only to make you feel safer. Our campus is well lit with many emergency phones, and we do have security that circles the campus!

(see “Campus Map for emergency phone locations,

I do what I can to get on campus in time to find a decent parking spot without pressure and stress, so that I can enjoy my stroll to class through our beautiful campus! This semester, I’ve been pretty successful! I hope you will too!


Tara Torres
NVC Ambassador

Is Volunteering Worth It?

What will volunteer work do for me? I’ve always asked myself that question when people ask me to volunteer. I never really knew why I volunteered until I started at NVC. I never really realized how this could benefit me. Of course I volunteer out of the good of my heart, but now there are many more reasons I would be the first to say yes!

If you are a student at NVC, did you know that you can get a certificate for volunteering? Of course there are some qualifications, but is it worth it? Yes! It’s called the Presidents Volunteer Service Award. To receive this award, you must volunteer 100 hours in a 12-month period. To learn more about qualifications for this award, click on the link:

Receiving this award could benefit you in many ways. First off, you can add it to your resume. When you decide to leave NVC to go to a university, they look at things like this. They want people who volunteer for their community. Scholarship committees like to see this type of work on your application. Some of the jobs you apply for may even look at your volunteer work.

Volunteering may sound boring, but if you do the research there are hundreds and hundreds of opportunities out there that will interest you. For example, I volunteer as a mentor for Communities in Schools. I get to mentor students at Justice Juvenile Academy just by spending time with them and helping them out with their homework or play games. It’s nice for them to have someone to talk to other than their teachers or their case workers. My career goal is to work at a juvenile detention center, so this will help me when I go on interviews in the future. So what are you waiting for? Click on this link to find your perfect match:

– Elizabeth Torres

Cafeteria Delivery?

Have you ever eaten in the cafeteria at NVC? I do, occasionally, but not as much as I’d like to. Don’t get me wrong, the food at our NVC cafeteria is great, but I just don’t have the time to go from my desk to CCC and back just to get food. Yes, it beats leaving campus and having to come back just to look for parking, but I go to class full time, I am a work study, and a student Ambassador, so I really don’t have the time to go out to grab something to eat. I usually end up bringing my own lunch. Bringing my own lunch is not a bad thing for me, but sometimes I just want cafeteria food.

Sometimes I find myself questioning, what if the cafeteria did delivery to buildings on campus? Would this benefit the school or would it just be a burden? Not only should the cafeteria offer delivery on campus, but the Cyber Café and Juice Bar should too. There are students, faculty, and staff that would enjoy a Starbucks drink in the middle of the day and might find them unable to leave the place they are at. This may also help some of the students by keeping them from standing in long lines before class. Maybe there would have to be some rules. Maybe like no delivery in the middle of class, or if they did delivery to a classroom, maybe just meet outside to not cause disturbance to the teacher’s lecture. What do you think about doing delivery on campus? Maybe a bicycle delivery? I have done some research and found that you can place your comments/suggestions about the cafeteria at this link or click on the picture to go directly to the link.

– Elizabeth Torres
NVC Ambassador