“Speed Meetings” at the Cafeteria

Normally I do not have time between classes to go to the Cafeteria in CCC, but one day my class got out early and I was really hungry,so I went. I soon found out that it is complete chaos in there!

Everyone is trying to find a place to sit and I noticed a lot of people scanning the room to see if maybe they know someone from a class they can sit with. I was able to find the very last 4-person table that was open and I ran over and sat down. Then, I noticed that there were some people that would go up to random people that they didnt know and ask if they could sit with them. I really like seeing this because it shows that alot of students are comfortable just sitting down with a complete stranger in the cafeteria. I even had someone come up to my table and ask if they could sit down, of course I said yes. I learned alot about the guy in that short time, including what his major was and we got to talking about why he chose to go to NVC instead of surrounding colleges closer to where he lives.

I hope that more people can find an open seat for someone to sit with in the cafeteria, cause it is interesting to see what other students think about our campus. Also for people that have trouble finding a place to sit, DON’T be afraid of your fellow students!

Michelle Lessard
NVC Ambassador


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