Newton Vista

A2 +B2 +C2 = The power of you

Mathematics is like every other language spoken worldwide, it is the only language that does not change, can’t be modified; unlike English, does not lie, and can be applied. Could this be true?

Mathematics has been in existence from the beginning, we apply it every day whether we know it or not. This is a language that speaks and things happen. When you understand this language, you feel like you are sitting on the chair of Einstein; “Wow!!!” what a feeling.

The math lab at Northwest Vista is equipped with ever-ready Einstein’s to help you tackle whatever problem you are encountering in understanding our favorite language. Do you know that Northwest Vista has the highest percentage of excelling students in mathematics? Haha.. got you there. Whatever may be your accent in this language, I and my crew have got your back. We will take those pieces of wrong from you and give you packages of right. We speak all branches of mathematics ranging from developmental math to calculus 3.

We tutors are here and ready whenever you need us, and don’t be afraid to ask any questions because we will feed you with the knowledge right out of the hands of the “grandfather of all knowledge”!!

Come join us Monday through Saturday and we will help you absorb this digital language and leave you feeling like a cyborg.

“The important words of nature are written in mathematics”  by Galileo Galilee

Andrew Opara
NVC Ambassador
Math/Science Lab Tutor


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