Enjoy the Beauty!

Nearly two years ago, I toured the NVC campus for the first time while on a field trip with my daughter’s school. I instantly fell in love with the natural beauty of the campus. The flora and fauna along with the aesthetically pleasing architecture and layout of the campus amazed me. That was just one of the many reasons why I chose NVC when I was ready to go back to college.

Fast forward two years, and I am still as happy as can be and enjoy exploring our campus every chance that I get. My latest class schedule has me walking from Pecan Hall to Live Oak Hall every Tuesday and Thursday. I enjoy my leisurely strolls past the “lake” and have even been documenting some special residents of our campus. I have been blessed to be able to watch the little duck family of our campus grow and thrive. I have even been allowed to get close enough by the mommy duck to take some very nice pictures. It is always refreshing to see the little duck family and watch the three little ducklings growing up before my eyes.

I love to stop and sit on the benches by the “lake” and just watch the ducks or even just the rippling of the water. It helps me to remember that life isn’t about rushing around and getting everything done in super-speed mode. I must take the time to stop and appreciate all that is around me. In fact, often after my little breaks outside, I feel more relaxed and refreshed.

So, the next time you have a chance, have a seat outside by the “lake” and take a minute or two and just breath and enjoy the scenery.

Dawn Thomas
NVC Ambassador


One response to “Enjoy the Beauty!

  1. The ducks are such a welcome addition to the lake. I really enjoy seeing students’ faces light up when they see the ducklings. Thank you for sharing your happiness for being at NVC!


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