Textbooks: To Buy or Not To Buy

In our declining economy, there are enough expenses to worry about without having to worry about the cost of attendance and buying the needed supplies. After dealing with the stress of paying tuition most students have the dilemma of pricing books.

Each semester brings a new list of overpriced books, and an extremely low-buy back amount. As a student, I have been frustrated many times with the unavailability of used books and the prices of the new books. To end my frustrations and to save my piggy bank, I have explored my options for obtaining the required texts. If you like to keep textbooks as a reference for your area of study then buying used will still help you save. If you like to get rid of them when you are done with a course then consider renting. Be sure to check with professors because some books may not be required. Here are some tips I would like to share with you!

There are many online sites that will sale used books. This can be an easy choice for most because it is convenient and cost efficient. You will save time and gas by cutting out store hopping and you can shop at any time which is unavailable at stores.

The books are usually previously owned and are priced to move. You will also have the ability to compare many book prices at once. Let’s not forget the unbelievably long lines at the beginning of the semester wouldn’t we all love to escape that? Well there is no line on the internet so feel free to www.Amazon.com or www.chegg.com till you drop! Don’t forget NVC’s bookstore now has rent- a-text so don’t just write them off!

However, everything that glitters isn’t gold!!!! Unfortunately there are some cons to this money saving idea. There is no way to see the real condition and be sure to read the small print there are casual warnings of how a chapter or two may be missing. There may also be light to heavy highlighting depending on the previous owner of course, and maybe even some tearing. Make sure you double check the syllabus and order the correct edition. Allow your books extra time to arrive through the mail because it can take a while and it’s not guaranteed unless you pay for express shipping.

Andrea` Parker
NVC Ambassador


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