Registration and Instructors

We all have problems when it comes to registration…but one way to help yourself from becoming stressed is to plan ahead of time. Don’t wait until the day registration opens up to start looking for the teachers, classes, times you want. Start looking ahead of time!

Choose what/when you want, write down the CRN’s so that the day registration opens up, you will be ready. All you will have to do is add the call #’s you chose weeks ago and you’re done! How easy was that! Check out the NVC schedule for important dates and start planning now so that you won’t be stressed!

Also, another suggestion to be prepared is to start asking for information on certain teachers you would want to take. You can also go to to find out more about the professor that interest you. Once you’ve gathered the professors you have in mind, you can start looking up their CRN’s.

Do you still need an English I and an art class for your core classes? Why not take the two together as one class and receive two credits for it? That’s what I did my first fall semester at NVC. I took English I and Art Appreciation. My teachers were the best! Ms. Duvall and Ms. Colangelo both taught the classes together and boy are they funny!

I enjoyed taking their classes so much that I took them for the spring too! I took English II and Humanities and received two credits for the one class. Ms Duvall and Ms Colangelo were not only fun teachers, but they care about their students. They are always willing to help and are always available even outside of class time. They made the class fun and exciting by not just reading off papers and giving tests. They gave us projects, watched movies, did plays, etc. Everything we did in class kept us interested while still learning about the day’s lessons.

Even if you don’t need all these classes, but still need a few, then consider taking these teachers. Ms. Duvall not only teaches Art Appreciation, but she also teaches many other art classes and I have seen her work, she does amazing art work! Ms. Colangelo not only teaches English, but she also teaches World Literature and other English classes.

– Elizabeth Torres
NVC Ambassador


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