Why You Should Care About Dual Credit

Quick pop quiz! Can any of you guys tell me what the Dual Credit program at Northwest Vista does? Can anyone even tell me what dual credit is? If not, that’s ok; you’re in the right place!

First off, what is dual credit? It is a program Northwest Vista, as well as all of the Alamo Colleges, offers to eligible high school juniors and seniors (and in some cases sophomores) to give them the opportunity to earn college credit and high school credit at the same time. Let’s say you need to take economics in high school to count towards graduation. If one were to take dual credit courses here at NVC, he or she would earn not only high school credit, but also college hours as well.

If any of you all have 16- or 17-year-old students in your classes, they are more than likely dual credit students.

I’m sure by now most of you all are thinking, “Why should I care about this? I don’t have to worry about high school I already made it to college!” This may be true, but I’m sure many of you have bright brothers or sisters, or children or even grandchildren who are eligible for this program. The possibility of graduating from high school with up to 24 hours of college credit really shouldn’t be taken lightly. Not only does it reduce your course load once you enroll as a regular student, but the program is free! Your child/sibling/young loved one could save well over $1,000 if they take advantage of the program! Plus the need to take a student development course is eliminated. (For more information click on the link http://www.alamo.edu/nvc/students/learning/dualcredit/eligibility.htm)

Last off, graduation within two years is definitely possible. Most people attend community college thinking they’ll only finish their basics and that’s it. While that is still feasible, it is also easy to just take a few more classes and earn an associate’s degree (which makes the transition to a four-year university much easier). Plus if one were to apply for a scholarship or some kind of student society, having a dual credit completion on their resume doesn’t hurt one bit.

If you know an academically gifted high schooler (or have one of your own), please don’t hesitate to take advantage of NVC’s dual credit program. I graduated high school in 2009 with nine college hours and I’m scheduled to graduate with an Associate of Arts in the spring, so I’m proof that the dual credit program works.

Hope this piece of information helps!

Marisa Luna
NVC Ambassador


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