Thank a Teacher Today

Can any of you guys recall your first time in college? Do you remember what you did or didn’t do to succeed your first semester, or any mistakes you’ve learned from to help you in your current successes? If you can, you’ve probably learned those tips from one of your professors. Have you taken the time to say “Thank you” lately?

I’m serious here. These teachers do so much for us it’s not even funny. Whether they act as mentors, advisors, or even friends, they make a big difference in our lives. Some of you can relate. Others might want to slap the dummies on for recommending that teacher. Whatever your perspective is on your instructor, try to see things from his/her point of view. They really do care about us students, because the hiring board wouldn’t hire just anybody to teach us!

I myself have been blessed with the majority of my teachers. My multimedia teacher, Miss Viviane Marioneaux, not only helped me learn the basics of Photoshop and such but also helped me with unofficial graduation advising. If it weren’t for my Spanish teacher, Mrs. Sandra Uribe, I wouldn’t have even heard about the College Ambassadors program! James Puente, my history teacher, makes learning about American history a blast with his hilarious insights and commentaries, while Ito Romo (English) helped make me a better writer and also cured my morning/two o’clock hunger with fudge striped cookies! Finally, my algebra teacher, Gary Johnson, not only makes mathematically-challenged me understand college algebra every week, but also tells the class that he loves each and every one of us, which is evident in his passion to help us all understand the material.

In addition to the teachers that stand out in a positive way, I’ve also had my share of teachers that didn’t stand out as much to me. However in retrospect, I realize that they cared about the students just as much as the teachers who are more significant to me. I may not have agreed with them or even cared for them at the time, but now I see that they cared about us just as much as anyone else did. So maybe you have teachers that stand out to you that you would recommend to all your friends. Maybe you have others who you wouldn’t wish on anybody. Either way, let them know you appreciate all that they’re doing for you. Even if you think you don’t at the moment, looking back on it, you’ll realize you’re very grateful for what they’ve done.

To all the aforementioned teachers, as well as all others I have had, THANK YOU! From the bottom of my heart!

Marisa Luna
NVC Ambassador


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