Don’t Give Up Just Yet!

Well, it’s almost November. Temperatures are dropping, basketball season is already here, and the semester is one month away from being over. I’m sure most of you are rejoicing in being only a month away from an A or B and being over and done with the semester. But what about those of you who slacked off during the middle and all of a sudden you are worried about your grades? You probably think there’s no hope now and you’d be wasting your time if you tried to salvage your grades, right? Wrong!

While your dream of getting an A may be well down the toilet if you’ve slacked majorly, passing the class is still possible. In many cases, the final exam is worth a large part of your grade, so if you ace the final, your grade may improve a little bit. Granted you won’t get that A, but then again whose fault is it for slacking anyways? You will also have to come to class every day and pay close attention to what’s going on. Even if you’re completely lost, usually the class syllabus will tell you whatever week you are supposed to be on to catch up. You may not get perfect attendance points, but if you show up, you’ll at least have some homework, quiz, and participation grades to rescue you.

So if you’re worried about your recurring case of post high school senioritis, know you can overcome it. If you worked hard enough your F might turn into a C and you pass the class! Worst case scenario you keep the F and have to retake the class. The good news about that? You don’t have to buy the textbooks all over again.

– Marisa Luna
NVC Ambassador


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