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Something to be Thankful For….

‘Tis the season to reflect and recognize just what we are most thankful for. I have never quite understood just why we only do this once a year. Shouldn’t we always reflect on this? Nevertheless, we have this one special day a year that we are supposed to share what we are thankful for. So I thought I would share what I am thankful for.

As I think back over my life, or rather my educational career, I find that there are so many things that I am personally thankful for. At Northwest Vista College, in particular, I am grateful for the kind smiles from the custodial staff and their hard work to keep our campus clean and healthy.  As a disabled student, I am eternally thankful to our Courtesy Patrol staff for the countless number of rides I have been given and the wonderful conversations I have had with both those who answer my calls and those who pick me up. I am truly blessed by our fabulous staff that is there for our success and to help us through our day.

Even during this time of frustration and confusion as we register for the next semester, they greet us with a smile and work tirelessly to solve our issues. I am grateful for our president and our chancellors that work so hard to make Northwest Vista College all that she is and which always support the students. I am so very thankful for the wonderful faculty that teach us and guide us along our chosen career paths and enrich our lives each day. I am thankful for both their passion and their patience. I am more than eternally grateful to our donors that graciously supply the students such as myself with the opportunity to receive scholarships.

I am blessed each and every day that I get to look around our beautiful campus and see all of the marvelous landscaping and improvements continuously being done on our campus by the grounds crew. And last, but certainly not least, I am thankful for my fellow students, many of whom I now call friends. I am so very blessed by the friendships that have been developed here on campus and I know that I will remain lifelong friends with so many of you. Thank you for your support every day.

May this season of thanksgiving be a fabulous one for all!

Dawn Thomas
NVC Ambassador


Don’t Panic, Classes Haven’t Even Started Yet

Once again it’s that time of year; students run around asking, “Who did you have for this class?” or, “Is he an easy instructor? Did you make an A or a B?” A lot of students think if they have a certain instructor that they will make an A in that class. Northwest Vista College boasts about having the best professors in the city, but having the “right” professor is not how you make good grades. No, the key is how dedicated, focused and hardworking you are.

The question has always been, is early registration the key to success, or to get an ‘A’. I believe it’s not always the case; it’s always the individual effort that counts towards making a good grade. Whether you believe that the instructor is good or not, your effort to study and make use of the excellent English, math and science resources available is the key. NVC boasts about having the best science tutors, headed by Gabriela, the English lab headed by John and the math lab run by Debby. The only advice I can give to everyone is that you should register early so as to get the class you want and also to make sure it’s in line with your schedules at work, home, etc.

Also, remember not to worry too much, the classes you register for now don’t start for another two months.

Where to Get Help
For instruction on how to access ACES:
For Network or Password issues contact the Alamo Colleges Support Central at 210-485-0555.
If you need additional registration help, please go to the link:   

– Harrison Ohiri
NVC Ambassador

Undecided? You’re Not Alone!

Is choosing a career path stressing you out? Do you feel like you’re being rushed to figure out what you want to do? Well you’re not alone! There are so many students here on campus that are undecided or are still not sure about their major. A lot of students have also changed majors multiple times, too. But isn’t college the time for us to find ourselves and what we really want to do? So don’t fear students, you will not be viewed any differently if it takes you two years or ten years to get a degree. After all, you’ve already made the most important decision to go to college!

Luckily, we have counselors here on campus to help out any student who wants it! Our CaTS (Career and Transfer Services) center is located in CCC-200 and is open Monday & Thursday: 8am-7pm, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday: 8am-5pm, and the first Saturday of each month 9am-1pm. If you don’t have time to talk to someone on campus, there is a link on the website for career and educational planning! You can either copy and paste this website,, or you can go to the home page, click on ‘Students’ at the top of the page, then click ‘Career Planning’ under the ‘Advising, Career, & Transfer’ subtitle. This website has a lot to offer as well as our counselors, also.

My advice to anyone who is an undeclared major is to get out and find what interests you and pursue it! If you really have NO IDEA what you want to do career-wise, then it would probably be in your best interest to talk to a counselor. The last thing you want to do is waste money and time on classes you don’t need. The rest of your life is a long time, but don’t be afraid to make a decision! If you get a degree now and find out that it’s really not what you want to do, you can ALWAYS go back to school. But if you do what you love, then you will never have to work a day in your life!

– Ericka Wilder
NVC Ambassador

It’s Time to Aim Higher folks

Recently questions have been coming, asking whether having a degree is worth it. A friend of mine in physics class told me, “I guess what we are doing here is damn crazy. It’s not worth it at all.”

I told him that for anything one is doing in life there is always an advantage attached to it, and the higher your education level, the higher the salary and job opportunities. A lot of people have this myopic view that not all people benefit from four years in college, nor do they need a college degree in order to succeed in work or in life. Going to college for four years can be an enriching, eye-opening experience. Truly speaking, to get a degree is the highest asset you can get if you want to make it in America.

Robert Longley, in the Guide to U.S. Government Info, reports on new U.S. Census Bureau data that shows that "Americans age 18 and older with a bachelor’s degree earned an average of $51,554, while those with a high school diploma earned $28,645."

With this report, I don’t see why people should not care to earn a degree. The following shows the importance of having a degree.

• An individual with a degree tends to earn fifty percent more than someone who is doing the same job without a degree.

• Having a degree opens the door to more job opportunities or helps you land the dream job you wanted. For example, if an employer has a choice of two candidates with equal experience and skills, the employer will most likely hire the candidate with a degree.

• Another benefit is having promotions and rises in pay. The more knowledge and experience you have, management will be more willing to give you better positions in the company and better pay raises or bonuses.

• A degree creates personal satisfaction. By getting a college degree, you will have the pleasure of knowing that you took the steps that were necessary to better educate yourself and better your future.

Harrison Ohiri
NVC Ambassador

Experience Science – Newton Vista Style

Science is a fundamental part of our human life in which we can’t escape or decide to live without. We wonder why people fall sick, are able to go to the moon and understand the components of our atmospheric existence. We have so many questions for Mother Nature and the only ways to get these answers are to understand our questions.

How do we Understand Our Questions?

At Northwest Vista College, science is a part of our pride and heritage and we put a lot of effort to get students to embrace it. People run away from biology, physics, and chemistry because of the multiple calculations and critical thinking involved. It is certain that our neural tissues produce neurons every time we carry out an unknown subject or deed. These neurons are memory neurons and potentially relay messages to our brain for our long-term gain. The one cause of Alzheimer’s disease is the dying of the neural cells, which cannot be replaced. Attempting challenging ideas while we are young and having the ability to create these neural cells will help in the delay or repelling of memory loss in the later years.

The Science Club at Northwest Vista is here to help students explore endless possibilities of nature; you don’t have to be a science major to be overwhelmed by science, because every day life is an experiment due to the fact that we try new ideas and things each day. We will be having fun-packed events and conferences for students and encourage everyone to participate in exploring science at Northwest Vista College. To learn more about the Science Club, e-mail me at

Andrew Opara
NVC Ambassador
Science Club Coordinator