Experience Science – Newton Vista Style

Science is a fundamental part of our human life in which we can’t escape or decide to live without. We wonder why people fall sick, are able to go to the moon and understand the components of our atmospheric existence. We have so many questions for Mother Nature and the only ways to get these answers are to understand our questions.

How do we Understand Our Questions?

At Northwest Vista College, science is a part of our pride and heritage and we put a lot of effort to get students to embrace it. People run away from biology, physics, and chemistry because of the multiple calculations and critical thinking involved. It is certain that our neural tissues produce neurons every time we carry out an unknown subject or deed. These neurons are memory neurons and potentially relay messages to our brain for our long-term gain. The one cause of Alzheimer’s disease is the dying of the neural cells, which cannot be replaced. Attempting challenging ideas while we are young and having the ability to create these neural cells will help in the delay or repelling of memory loss in the later years.

The Science Club at Northwest Vista is here to help students explore endless possibilities of nature; you don’t have to be a science major to be overwhelmed by science, because every day life is an experiment due to the fact that we try new ideas and things each day. We will be having fun-packed events and conferences for students and encourage everyone to participate in exploring science at Northwest Vista College. To learn more about the Science Club, e-mail me at kelvinopara@gmail.com

Andrew Opara
NVC Ambassador
Science Club Coordinator


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