Don’t Panic, Classes Haven’t Even Started Yet

Once again it’s that time of year; students run around asking, “Who did you have for this class?” or, “Is he an easy instructor? Did you make an A or a B?” A lot of students think if they have a certain instructor that they will make an A in that class. Northwest Vista College boasts about having the best professors in the city, but having the “right” professor is not how you make good grades. No, the key is how dedicated, focused and hardworking you are.

The question has always been, is early registration the key to success, or to get an ‘A’. I believe it’s not always the case; it’s always the individual effort that counts towards making a good grade. Whether you believe that the instructor is good or not, your effort to study and make use of the excellent English, math and science resources available is the key. NVC boasts about having the best science tutors, headed by Gabriela, the English lab headed by John and the math lab run by Debby. The only advice I can give to everyone is that you should register early so as to get the class you want and also to make sure it’s in line with your schedules at work, home, etc.

Also, remember not to worry too much, the classes you register for now don’t start for another two months.

Where to Get Help
For instruction on how to access ACES:
For Network or Password issues contact the Alamo Colleges Support Central at 210-485-0555.
If you need additional registration help, please go to the link:   

– Harrison Ohiri
NVC Ambassador


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