NVC’s Got Talent Debuts Next Week

By Ashley Ramos

The 3rd Annual Northwest Vista College’s Got Talent show is getting closer as production is under way for the big night on March 11 in the Palmetto Center of the Arts Theater.

The talent show is being hosted by The Cat Crew Programming Board, a group of students who put together entertaining programs on campus and will be hosted by Comedian BT. Performances will range from singing and dancing to reciting poetry and even band performances. Granted to the winners will be a $1000 scholarship to first place, $750 to second place, and $500 to third place.  

Scholarship money is the focus for at least one contestant, Alex Cavazos.

“I saw a flyer and saw that scholarships were going to be given to winners,” said Cavazos, the drummer from the Indies band Tokyo Nights, “I thought let me use my talents, I’m a drummer. I pay for school out of pocket with a little help from Financial Aid, but I could still use this scholarship.”

He and lead guitarist Justin Campbell; lead vocalist Vanessa Hernandez, and bass player Bob Flores composed an original song in just 1 night to perform at the show in hopes of becoming a contestant. And they succeeded. 

Other contestants are joining simply for the entertainment. Kevin Kyle Laurente, last year’s NVC’s Got Talent first place winner, knows what to expect.

“A variety of talented individuals, including Allison Valdivia and Cassandra Woodbum are both amazing people, and gifted in their own way,” said Laurente. This year Laurente will attempt to top his first place winning performance by partnering with Adam Blanco for a hip-hop inspired dance piece.

Kelly Blanco, Assistant Coordinator of Student Leadership and Activities, estimates that the Palmetto Theater will be full with around 400 people attending, similar to last year’s talent show. So whether you go to the NVC’s Got Talent show to perform or to have a fun night out, Blanco guarantees that you will be entertained.

“The talent we have here at Vista is amazing,” said Blanco.

Friday, March 11, Palmetto Center of the Arts Theater at 6 PM, don’t miss it.

Ashley Ramos is a Northwest Vista College student.


2 responses to “NVC’s Got Talent Debuts Next Week

  1. I enjoyed your post Ashley. Keep Bloging.


  2. Great blog Ashley, thank you! I just want to make one correction, the show actually starts at 7pm.


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