NVC’s Dance Ensemble Takes Show on the Road

By Graciana Rodriguez

The Repertory Dance Ensemble is preparing to take the show on the road for all to experience. Students are preparing a touring schedule that includes three venues around San Antonio plus one on- campus performance.

Being a part of NVC’s touring repertory dance ensemble, students create and stage innovative and fun dances with faculty and guest artists, and experience a variety of dance styles, performing in theatres, schools and community centers throughout San Antonio, plus they earn transferable college credit in repertory and performance dance.

Guest choreographer Ruben Ornelis from New York City composes Folklorico dances adding his own spice to the act. Beatriz Ayi from Uganda choreographs Temperance and African dances from her native land. This diversity adds to the program’s success.

“It’s a diversity of dance languages,” says program director Jayne King. Before coming to NVC, King owned her own studio in California and now teaches fulltime at NVC.

On March 29 the group will be at Jumpstart Theatre. In April they will perform at Kriewald Road Elementary School and Southwest High School. The last scheduled event will be at NVC on May 6 at the Cypress Campus Center patio. Participating in the event will be local senior citizens who will join in a variety of activities, including student dancing, workshops, and judging.

Graciana Rodriguez is a Northwest Vista College student.


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