NVC has New Fitness Trail

By NVC Student Kimberly Villarreal

Northwest Vista College has a beautiful new feature that will keep the community active. The new half-mile fitness trail stretches along the outskirts of the campus and is outlined with beautiful landscape.

The trail is open during daylight hours and begins just north of the boardwalk between parking lots 7 and 8. It can be used for running, jogging, and walking. The path is connected by crosswalks as it curves through the wooded area near the Live Oak parking lot, comes around the back side of the Mexican Persimmon Physical Plant building, runs parallel behind Palmetto Center of the Arts and ends by connecting to the pedestrian sidewalk on the south side of the Palmetto Center.

The fitness trail is not only for students, but for the entire surrounding community. The purpose of the trail was to establish a feature that would be appreciated by the community. Individuals can now enjoy fitness activities outdoors while in a safe and peaceful environment. This new addition to the campus is part of Northwest Vista’s continued promotion of a safe, clean environment.


3 responses to “NVC has New Fitness Trail

  1. we have a little staff, faculty and student running club that has the trail as part of our routes. If anyone wants the route let me know..there’s a 1 mile (3x gives a 5k), a 1.2 and a 1.6 (that also includes the trail through the disc golf course.


  2. Oh awesome! My mom lives near NVC, I’ll have to tell her about this. She’s been looking for a place to hike lately too, this is just great news. I’m glad the community is allowed to use it, really awesome thing you guys have done here. How is the weather this time of year anyway? Pretty cold I imagine.


  3. nice blog and feature , i am enjoy to read it, awaiting next updated , thanks


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