The National Society of Leadership and Success Brings out Your Inner Potential

Abuzz with over 400 students, the Fall 2011 orientation for The National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) was an upbeat introduction to what this nationally recognized honor society is all about – leadership from the inside out!

Founded in 2001, NSLS has helped many students in becoming greater leaders and contributing members of their communities.  Students are invited to become members of Alpha Sigma Pi based on a minimum GPA of a 3.0.    

To become full-fledged members of Alpha Sigma Pi, there are four membership components that the student must complete after accepting the invitation to join and paying the one-time fee for a lifetime membership. 

–  The first requirement is to attend orientation. 
–  The second requirement is to attend three Speaker Events, which are seminars by renowned individuals who embody where leadership can take you.
–  The third requirement is to participate in three Success Networking Team Meetings, in which the student becomes a part of a group that holds one another accountable to accomplish personal goals. 
–  The fourth requirement is to attend a Leadership Training Day Workshop, in which, as its name suggests, the process of learning how to be an effective leader is accomplished. 

Upon completion of the four requirements for joining, the student receives an invitation to attend the Induction Ceremony, where they are formally welcomed as lifetime members of the organization.  

Should the student want to go further in advancing their leadership skills, there are steps to earning The National Excellence in Leadership Award.  These steps include the basic requirements for membership as well as three additional Speaker Events, three additional Success Networking Team Meetings, and five hours of community service. 

The benefits for students who become NSLS members are many.  Certain scholarships and awards are available only to members of Alpha Sigma Pi.  Other benefits include access to an online job bank, personalized letters of recommendation, leadership certification, resume enhancement, and personal success coaching. 

So are YOU ready to change your life, learn how to be the leader you were always meant to be, and become more active in your community?  Then take a look into becoming a member of the NVC chapter of The National Society of Leadership and Success!        

– By NVC Student Kimberly Redgate


One response to “The National Society of Leadership and Success Brings out Your Inner Potential

  1. Hats off to Kelly Blanco and Diana Gutierrez for their exceptional leadership and dedication to our students!


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