Being a Chef’s Volunteer

One of my favorite places I have volunteered recently is the NVC cooking program. This is a recreational class for students who are beginners or advanced who want to learn to cook new meals. This is a class separate from college classes and you pay a low fee.

I went to help out for several Saturdays. I was glad I could help out by being the chef’s assistant and there were many tasks that I could do. When I got there I started helping by cleaning up the countertops. Then I set up each station with kitchen equipment such as knives, pots, tasting utensils, and a cutting table. I also put an apron and a cooking hat on each station. After each student arrived the chef would have them smell and taste 3 different types of salts and explain the differences. Then he would explain what they were going to prepare that day. For example, one day it would be pasta, another it would be soups or other meals. I would then hand out recipes to each student and had other tasks, such as grating the cheese, rinsing dishes, cutting an onion or bringing out more tasting utensils. I would also taste the food as it was being prepared. When the food was done everyone got to eat their food. The best part was that the chef would always leave me food and I got the chance to eat it.

I have learned culinary knowledge and cooking tips such as how to use a cutting knife the right way or how to cut a chicken properly. I was helping out for six hours and the time flew by fast. If you become a NVC student ambassador next semester, this is a great place to volunteer. You learn new cooking skills, have a great time and receive a free meal.

– Jolene Rodriguez
NVC Ambassador


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