Getting Over the Great Wall

Thanksgiving is over, and even though I still feel like a bloated panda in a bamboo forest, finals loom like the Great Wall of China.

It doesn’t seem fair; I’ve been more or less a model student for most of the semester, and now I have homework biting at my heels like a pack of mangy hyenas. There’s no escape, and the only way to survive being nipped by the pack is by climbing over that wall. If you are someone like me, who has a crippled brain then you might be feeling a little stressed.

Luckily I have traveled the breadth and length of the bamboo forest, and I know a place where trained counselors and licensed professionals have experience dealing with bloated pandas with crippled brains.

Their skills not only reach stressed individuals, but also those who need help setting goals, bucking depression, or even having a better relationship with another panda, errr… I mean person. They have other services as well, and they are all free! Check out all they do @ or call them at 486-4342.

They are located in the Cypress Campus Center on the second floor.

The Great Wall is still standing, but I know even in this crazy bamboo grove the Wellness Center has my back. So if you need that extra boost getting over the last or beginning ten feet of the final wall, give the center a visit. If you happen to stop in at the Wellness Center, I’ll probably see you there. Catch you on the other side.

By NVC Student Ambassador Peter Northrop


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