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Only at NVC do Miracles Happen

Picture taken by Paul Vallejo of NVC PR


Welcome back to school folks!

Just in case you didn’t get the memo, it was seventy-six degrees and about six inches of snow fell at Northwest Vista College! I’m not pulling your proverbial leg. It snowed at about 11AM and 1PM, and in full sunshine, and it was real. This can only mean one thing: miracles do happen!

How many students at college can go to class, take a break and go sledding in balmy t-shirt and shorts weather, and get back to class with ten minutes to spare? At NVC you can.

Students enjoyed sledding down a snow slide, throwing a blizzard of snowballs at anyone who strayed into their line of fire, and watching other people get their faces “white-washed” in the snow. Even our shy mascot (the Wildcat, in case you didn’t know) showed itself in the warm sunshine and partook in the general festivities.

The winter festival was even accompanied by a few talented movin’ and groovin’ break dancers, while in the early afternoon Frosty showed up in a cowboy hat. If you were here when it snowed at NVC you know what I’m talking about. If you weren’t here, well then you must check your ACES email more often so you stay up to date on all the not-to-miss events that Student Activities is planning this semester.

See you when it snows next time.

By NVC Student Ambassador Peter Northrop