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Shakin’ it up

It’s taking schools by force. Young and old join together. Never has such a force united so many people of such a variety at NVC. Such a spontaneous force can only be one thing – the Harlem Shake!

In the Palmetto Center for the Arts, a diverse group of students came together to make history in the back hall. The windows were blacked out, glow in the dark gear was passed out to the excited crowd, the camera crew set up dolly track and a jib, and the time came to crazy it up. The first shot featured NVC’s mascot: the Wildcat, who demonstrated great team spirit; and after a few moments the rest of the crowd got into the swing of the dance, and jumped up to get in on the action.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth much, much more. There’s no way to tell you everything that happened without writing a thesis paper, so instead I’ll give you something you might enjoy. I’ll give you the Harlem Shake link.

Get ready to see something, nothing, sorta’ like every other Harlem Shake video on YouTube. Turn up your speakers, throw on your special crazy hat, and try to spot someone you know in the NVC Harlem Shake video.

By NVC Student Peter Northrop


More than Just Sunburns

Photo from NVC C.A.T Crew Facebook Page

Raise your hand if you are just getting over a second-degree sunburn. Don’t be embarrassed, it’s only terrible when you are trying to be Edward or Bella, and are nurturing vampire-white skin.

Those of you who didn’t raise your hand can join my side of the table. I didn’t even get a tan. Es muy triste, but we’re not going to talk about that.

But for a group of NVC students, they got something more valuable than a tan for spring break. They took part in the United Way Alternative Spring Break in Tuscon, Ariz. that included working at Boys & Girls Clubs, taking part in educational activities and sprucing up the facilities.

The best part about the trip, it was free! I would use more exclamation marks, but I’m trying to prevent everyone else getting too excited and signing up for the next available bus before I do. The travel alone makes the experience worthwhile, but the great thing is that the group went to serve others. They had a positive impact on the people they met in Tucson, and they did more over spring break than just get a pre-spring burn. I don’t know the next time they’re going, but stay connected with the student life office if you want in.

By NVC Student Peter Northrop

Golden Opportunity

Do you remember when money grew on trees? Do you recall when a pot of gold sat at the end of every rainbow? You might, but I’m too young to remember any of that; I don’t even know the last time I saw a leprechaun.

According to biology class, the sad truth is money no longer grows on trees. It’s pitiable that we’ve come to these times, but I’ve found something that may help! Those who are independently wealthy or have Rich “Uncle” Penny bags as a relation need not read further, but then again it might be helpful all the same.

What I discovered is something called a scholarship, and it’s pronounced [skol-er-ship]. Scholarships are great because it’s money for school that might as well be growing on a tree. All you have to do is apply. There are complainers about how hard it is to apply, there are doubters who warn that somebody else will win it, and there are those who don’t care what other people say and apply anyway. Those who are still willing to stake a bit of time on winning a scholarship keep on reading. I found a golden opportunity to apply right here at NVC. There’s one important key to applying: do it by April 1 if you want the best chance of winning, and here’s where to apply:

I’m off to take my chance at winning, but please let me know if you see any leprechauns.

By NVC Student Peter Northrop

Magic in the Theater

The theater, the theater, what’s happened to the theater? Even though Danny Kaye in “White Christmas” doesn’t know, I do. It’s strong and thriving. Northwest Vista College just had a magical two weeks of theater. We performed short plays written by five local play wrights. Yes, for full disclosure I admit performing in one of the plays. If you attended any of the shows, you would know me by the line “There is magic in the world.”

All plays were set in a diner. The diner was odd because in one play it would fade and exhibit magical qualities. In another, it was similar to a bus station for dead people waiting to get on with the afterlife, and for the other three it was set in various parts of Texas. Though the diner was interesting to watch change during the shows, the people who inhabited the diner during were far more varied and colorful than any change seen in the diner.

There’s a diner owner who’s allergic to cedars in a town where a big cedar festival is held, and he gets threatened with a pitchfork by the Dad of the heroine. There’s a control-freak daughter looking for her crazy mother. There’s the dancing sexpert with the “white-as-Kraft-mayo” couple. To fill out the ensemble there are the troop of dead people waiting for something to happen, and the lost souls who finally find what they need.

If you missed the event make sure you show up for the next event. Check it all out at:

By NVC Student Peter Northrop