Golden Opportunity

Do you remember when money grew on trees? Do you recall when a pot of gold sat at the end of every rainbow? You might, but I’m too young to remember any of that; I don’t even know the last time I saw a leprechaun.

According to biology class, the sad truth is money no longer grows on trees. It’s pitiable that we’ve come to these times, but I’ve found something that may help! Those who are independently wealthy or have Rich “Uncle” Penny bags as a relation need not read further, but then again it might be helpful all the same.

What I discovered is something called a scholarship, and it’s pronounced [skol-er-ship]. Scholarships are great because it’s money for school that might as well be growing on a tree. All you have to do is apply. There are complainers about how hard it is to apply, there are doubters who warn that somebody else will win it, and there are those who don’t care what other people say and apply anyway. Those who are still willing to stake a bit of time on winning a scholarship keep on reading. I found a golden opportunity to apply right here at NVC. There’s one important key to applying: do it by April 1 if you want the best chance of winning, and here’s where to apply:

I’m off to take my chance at winning, but please let me know if you see any leprechauns.

By NVC Student Peter Northrop


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