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Take a Break and See a Comedy at NVC!

Still a month to go until the end of the semester. Do you happen to feel overwhelmed? Do you experience anxiety at the mere thought of what you need to turn in by tomorrow?

Don’t worry if you do, here’s a page from an ancient non-verified Roman scroll; the writer would definitely sympathize with you.

April 11, 25 B.C. (Give or take a few years)

Why do I have such a miserable life? There’s so much to do today. Me, Pseudolus, a slave has to take care of my master’s love-stricken son. I must make a list to keep everything straight in my head.

Today’s to-do list:

1.Get Philia for a girlfriend for my master’s son Hero.

2.Figure out what to do with a big captain to whom Philia is already promised.

3.Dress the head servant in drag to pretend to be a dead Philia.

4.Make the big captain believe Philia is dead (that’s going to be difficult).

5.Pretend to kill myself to save me from the captain’s wrath if he finds out Philia is not really dead.

6.Plan Hero’s escape with Philia.

7.Make sure Hero gets me my freedom.

8.Don’t forget to…

The diary ends without an explanation to the eighth item on the list, but if you want to see a recreation of Pseudolus‘ life then go see “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum” playing April 11-14, and 18-20 at the Palmetto Theater.

More info, click here.

By NVC Student Paul Northrop