Graduation: A Night to Remember

It feels like just recently I was an NVC student awaiting Graduation…Well, technically that’s true! Saturday was commencement and now I can say that I am an NVC Graduate!

The ceremony was splendid! After putting my gown on and that infamous graduation cap that just wasn’t made for people but still brought me a smile, it was time to sign-in. There were so many familiar faces at the tables. I saw my graduation advisor, CaTS, Access, Advising, Testing…basically everyone who has made a difference to not only my success at NVC but to the entire student population!

The fantastic ushers knew exactly where to guide me and I sat next to two wonderful graduates who shared their excitement and nerves at walking across the stage. This is when the question came up that started a movement – “What are we supposed to do on stage? Shake hands? Is there a specific way to do this?”

From my experience with the Alamo Colleges Student Leadership Institute, I shared what I learned: “First, there’s the shakin’ their hand. Then you take the diploma cover. Then you wave!”

As I repeated this over and over, it became this “Shakin’, Takin’, Wavin’” catch-phrase, which started to get the interest of other graduates. Basically, it became a movement – admittedly, a very tiny one – but one that helped others get the confidence they needed to walk the stage. And that brings me a smile knowing I helped in a small way.

So then it was time to walk that stage! I started to feel a bit nervous. I shook hands with our fantastic college president, Dr. Claunch, and received a beautiful hug! Carrying my diploma cover, I stopped at the end of the stage and gave a big wave to where my family was. Then…I tried not to trip going down that steeply inclined ramp while laughing with happiness at graduating the whole way down.

Dr. Claunch congratulated our hard work and told us that the time had come to move our tassels from the right side of our caps to the left. We graduated!!

After the ceremony, I was like a fluttering bird trying to say ‘hi’ and ‘thank you’ to everyone who was part of making the night wonderful. I would like to say thank you to everyone who was there at graduation as well as everyone on campus during my attendance at NVC. You all have really helped create opportunities for success and I am grateful that each of you took the time and care to help me on my journey at NVC.

My family has been my support all through college and my life so it meant very much to me that they were there to see me walk the stage. They were so excited and told me congratulations over and over again. This was an incredible and memorable graduation, indeed!

By NVC Alumni Kimberly Redgate


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