Have You Seen It?

Have you seen the 1,815 ft. CN Tower in Toronto or the Empire State Building? What about the Golden Gate Bridge or Itaipu Dam straddling Brazil and Paraguay? Have you ever walked upon the Netherlands North Sea Protection Works or visited the Panama Canal?

These are considered to be marvels of our modern world. Glorious as these structures may be, they pale in the light of one of the newest marvels: the Prickly Pear Garage. You may scoff, but have you used it?

The newest addition to the NVC campus is a marvel because it is now possible to find parking at 9 am! What once was a fable or a half-hour headache is now a pleasant experience. No longer is the act of following students to their cars a necessity. Gone are the days of arriving the night before to set up a tent and reserve your parking spot, and no more shall your BMW bake in the harsh Texas sun. The Prickly Pear Parking Garage has arrived!

It’s time to make the pilgrimage to the new wonder of the modern world, and have no fear; it’s free! At least it’s free until it is completely finished in October. So if you are still having trouble finding parking then make your way to the Prickly Pear, and if you park easily every day then recognize the reason why, and – you know it – make your way to the Prickly Pear and see the marvel.

By NVC Student Peter Northrop


One response to “Have You Seen It?

  1. Richard Lorbieski

    It looks like a picnic basket.


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