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Northwest Vista: Knowledge and Skills for your Career

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Northwest Vista College

It is said that most people will go through seven careers in one lifetime Although this number of careers may not be accurate, I can say that I have had about three careers so far. In all of those endeavors, I have needed to acquire new skills and knowledge for each job.

Northwest Vista has been a constant source of education in my career choices. I have been attending this school on and off since the early 2000’s and, I must say, that it’s a great place to learn and to visit.
The campus is a calming place to sit down and contemplate life and studies. Yet, NVC inspires me to be more and learn more. Maybe it’s the buildings, the natural areas on site, the professors and staff, or just the fact that I’m learning something new. But, NVC is a place that will launch any student into greater career opportunities.


I returned to NVC this semester (Spring 2014) with the intention of obtaining a Web Design Certificate. There are two reasons for this choice:

 a)     I love technology. I not only work with technology in the customer-service industry on a daily basis, but I am the “go-to” guy amongst my family when it comes to technology-based questions and service.

b)    Web Design/Development is much needed today. Just do an online search for “Web Designer jobs” and you will find many available jobs in your area. There is no lack of employment if you have this skill. In fact, the Occupational Outlook Handbook predicted a 20% growth rate in the Web Design/Development field for job outlook through 2022. This is a faster than average growth rate. 

I am very excited to go through the Web Design program at NVC. I especially like the convenience of having either an internet-only class or a hybrid class choice. As a full-time professional, these types of classes make my learning experience manageable and convenient. Don’t get me wrong, the classes and materials are challenging; but it helps to be able to work on them around my schedule. Thanks NVC for being there throughout the years!
By NVC Student Joe Cortez



What’s Going On?

VoteDuring a regular week at NVC there are numerous events taking place. They range from fundraisers to rock climbing; performances to leadership seminars; bowling to club meetings; and basketball games to foosball tournaments.

One event that was going on for the past two weeks was a play called Conejo de Campos. It was a puppet show with voice actors and puppeteers from NVC. When was the last time you saw a puppet show?

Just a week or two ago a group went kayaking on the Guadalupe River, and a free paint-balling session is in the works for the end of the month! Where do I sign up? I think that’s what many students would say if they even knew what was going on at NVC, but most do not. Those who check their ACES e-mail account will get the memo but either 99% of the students are too busy to sign up, or the message is not getting through.

Communicating effectively with us is important especially now that a student fee increase is on the ballot. Why would anyone want to vote “yes” on a proposal which would increase student fees to fund activities which most of us don’t know exist?

ACES email is notorious on campus for not being checked, so the next best way to communicate is the old-fashion “plaster posters” method. I’ve seen an uptick in the banners and leaflets around campus; that’s great! But there could be more, or just more strategically placed.  I notice posters and flyers, and considering that billboards are still around, others do too. One other method that works is the “dancing arrow” method. It takes a guy to hold a sign and music to help him dance, but I watch the dancing sign-twirler every time I pass one.

My point is: Let the people know!

By NVC Student Peter Northrop