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Taking a Leap of Faith – Registering for College


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I had a slow start with my degree completion plan. At the time, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life. Since I had some experience in the medical field, I thought I should study something along those lines. So in the Fall of 2012, I decided to take one class—Anatomy & Physiology I. I wanted to ease myself back into the classroom. I was nervous and thought I would feel out of place. I didn’t quite have the “first-time-in-college” look, if you know what I mean. I quickly realized that age, gender, and appearance didn’t matter. We were all there for one thing—to further our education.  Within the first two weeks into the semester, I became more confident and truly believed I had the potential to obtain a degree from NVC.

In the Spring 2013 semester, I took a leap of faith and registered for two classes—Anatomy &Physiology II and General Psychology. I’ve always had a passion for Psychology, but I never pursued it. With the influence of the classroom environment (and a very animated instructor), my love for psychology overcame me and put the medical field on the back burner.

One day, I requested a meeting with my instructor to talk about my newfound aspirations. At that point, it seems like I unknowingly “hired” him as my academic advisor. When we were talking, the question of what I wanted to be when I grow up came to the surface. I told him a very specific job title in a very specific field of psychology. He helped me realize that each step toward degree completion would allow me to gradually narrow my choices of specializations or fields. He also spoke to me about future courses I would take and which ones would help in the Psychology field (like Ethics, etc.). Whether it be an advisor or an instructor, it’s always good to have someone help you to pave your path to the right degree.

– Gerona Nylander
NVC Student and PR Admin Assistant


NVC Cross Country Compete in UTSA Race

Left to right front: Aaron, Rachael, Coach McGee, Karla, Robert.  Back row l-r Daisy, Jamaal, Adam, Vince, Sergio, Pete, Jonah

Left to right front: Aaron, Rachael, Coach McGee, Karla, Robert. Back row l-r Daisy, Jamaal, Adam, Vince, Sergio, Pete, Jonah

Northwest Vista Cross Country teams competed in their first race of the semester on Sept. 19, 2014.

The women and men competed in the UTSA Ricardo Romero 5k race.  The women were led by Karla Cortez with a time of 24:00 min, placing 45th overall in the Non Div I ranking.  Cortez was followed by teammate Liz Emerson in 52nd place, Toni Lindsay, Rachael Benito, and Daisy Rojas in 56th, 57th, and 60th place, respectively.

The NVC men were led by Vince Del Piño running the 5k course in a time of 18:08 and earning 43rd place.  Following Del Pino was Sergio Luera in 63rd, Adam Soto, Jamaal Buchanan, Aaron Beattie, Robert Barrasa, Pete Valdez, Jonah Waschek, and James Thedford in 66th ,68th ,79th80th, 83rd, 86th and 89th respectively.

Left to right: Daisy Rojas, Karla Cortez, Liz Emerson, Toni Lindsay and Rachael Benito

Left to right: Daisy Rojas, Karla Cortez, Liz Emerson, Toni Lindsay and Rachael Benito

New Student Government Association at NVC


The NVC Student Government Association meets every other Tuesday at 5 pm in Juniper Hall, room  106F.  The next meeting is tomorrow, Sept. 23.  Meetings are tentatively scheduled for:

  • Sept. 23
  • Oct. 7
  • Oct. 21
  • Nov. 4
  • Nov. 18

Here’s the new Northwest Vista College Student Government Association officers for Fall 2014- Spring 2015:

President: Rachel Harlin;

Vice President: John Overmeyer;

Senator of Business & Treasury: Brandi Kemp;

Senator of Student Activities: Adan Guadarrama;

Senator of Public Relations: Maise Edwards;

Senator of Curriculum & Instruction: Ashley Nicole Price;

Senator of Campus Operations: Jorge Torres;

Senator of Student Services: Vacant

Advisor: Craig Coroneos;

Advisor: Gary Bowling;

– Contributed by NVC Public Relations

Work Study Positions Make College Easier

Tiffany on (left) and Melissa of the NVC PR Team, along with DJ Biggie Paul of 98.5 The Beat.

Tiffany on (left) and Melissa of the NVC PR Team, along with DJ Biggie Paul of 98.5 The Beat.

When I first started attending Northwest Vista College as a student, my main goal was to get through my workload and making money. Isn’t that every student’s goal?

I thought to myself, how am I going to manage a job and a full school load. I had friends who worked and went to school, and they had a lot of difficulty trying to manage their schedule. I didn’t want to be that student who got all caught up in work and had no time to finish school, which is the most important thing right now. I thought it would be a miracle if I could find a job that worked with my schedule and also give me time to work on my homework and studying. That’s when I learned about the work study jobs that Northwest Vista offers to students.

A work study job is a part-time job that is offered within the departments at Northwest Vista College. In my opinion it was the greatest discovery ever because I get to go to school and conveniently walk to work after my classes. The departments work great with your school schedule and most importantly you are making money. Not to mention the great experience I gained from working here. When I first started working as a work study in the public relations department, I had no idea what public relations was. All I knew was that it dealt with relating to the public. I have experienced things that I never thought I would experience, such as working on media sites to promote the school and even working with TV stations for promotional purposes.

After working as a work study for two years, I have gained so much knowledge and skills that will follow me throughout my life. I have met so many people that I never thought I would interact with; and I also learned more about promotion than I ever thought I would. This wonderful experience has made a huge impact on me and has made me second think my major. I believe that students should take advantage of these work study opportunities. Who knows, maybe you might like the department you work in, and might want to change your major. Click here to see all the work study positions. Just select work study in the “Job Category.”

– NVC Student Tiffany Rico
Wildcat Mentor & Public Relations Work Study

Earning a Degree to be More Competitive

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 12.01.28 PM

Discover the Power of a Degree:

In 2010, I was hired as a case manager for a local home health agency. I had no medical experience, but I knew medical terminology. I had a caseload of 70+ Medicare patients with a variety of medical needs. In 2011 and 2012, Medicare regulations changed which affected the home health agencies nationwide.

Unfortunately, I lost my job in the summer of 2012. I thought it would be fairly easy to find a job as a case manager, especially here in San Antonio. As I looked through job postings, I noticed all the case manager positions available required some kind of degree— and I didn’t have one.

After talking with my husband, I came to the conclusion that it was time for me to go back to school. I wanted to become more marketable for higher-paying jobs. I knew if I didn’t go to school to get a degree, I could get stuck in some measly dead-end job. I knew I didn’t want that.

It took me almost a year to decide what my major was going to be. With the help and advising of an instructor, I was able to narrow down my possible degree paths.

Gerona Nylander
NVC Student & Public Relations Administrative Assistant

Wildcat Mentors Help Students

The Wildcat Mentor program is a great experience that benefits all students, no matter what semester they are in. Whether you are a mentor or part of a mentor group, you will surely gain valuable knowledge that will follow you through your college years.

This is my first semester being a part of the mentor group, and I already have gained so much from it. We, mentors, have receiveWildcatMentorsd the opportunity to have guest speakers from around the United States come and train us. Also not to mention the hours of training we have received from the best here at NVC.

This program targets students who might need a little more help than others, or even just encouragement. The mentors get assigned to a SDEV class, whichever class best works for your schedule, and we work with the teacher to help incoming students have the best college experience they could ever have. Out of all the students in the class, we mentors, select a smaller group of students that might need a little more help than others. We then meet with this group once a week and discuss various things, such as anything that they want to address, or even things such as resume building. The possibilities are endless, and that is why I love being a mentor, I get to plan out the meetings according to the group’s needs.

Being a mentor has many benefits. It’s a great experience that will look good on your resume. You are able to meet new people and develop friendships you never thought you would have. It also helps you be more confident in speaking in front of people.

There are also many benefits an incoming student can get by joining a mentor group. Mentors try to give as much encouragement as we possibly can because we understand students come from a variety of backgrounds and have many responsibilities in addition to school. It might also be hard as a new student to meet new people, and that’s what we are here for, to help you create friendships that will follow you through college. We are here to connect with the students, and guide them on the right track.

– Tiffany Rico
Wildcat Mentor