Wildcat Mentors Help Students

The Wildcat Mentor program is a great experience that benefits all students, no matter what semester they are in. Whether you are a mentor or part of a mentor group, you will surely gain valuable knowledge that will follow you through your college years.

This is my first semester being a part of the mentor group, and I already have gained so much from it. We, mentors, have receiveWildcatMentorsd the opportunity to have guest speakers from around the United States come and train us. Also not to mention the hours of training we have received from the best here at NVC.

This program targets students who might need a little more help than others, or even just encouragement. The mentors get assigned to a SDEV class, whichever class best works for your schedule, and we work with the teacher to help incoming students have the best college experience they could ever have. Out of all the students in the class, we mentors, select a smaller group of students that might need a little more help than others. We then meet with this group once a week and discuss various things, such as anything that they want to address, or even things such as resume building. The possibilities are endless, and that is why I love being a mentor, I get to plan out the meetings according to the group’s needs.

Being a mentor has many benefits. It’s a great experience that will look good on your resume. You are able to meet new people and develop friendships you never thought you would have. It also helps you be more confident in speaking in front of people.

There are also many benefits an incoming student can get by joining a mentor group. Mentors try to give as much encouragement as we possibly can because we understand students come from a variety of backgrounds and have many responsibilities in addition to school. It might also be hard as a new student to meet new people, and that’s what we are here for, to help you create friendships that will follow you through college. We are here to connect with the students, and guide them on the right track.

– Tiffany Rico
Wildcat Mentor


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