Save $$ at Vista

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 12.01.28 PMAt Northwest Vista College, opportunities are available for all students. Northwest Vista not only offers education at a low rate, they offer nothing but the best teachers. Northwest Vista offers quality education regardless of any social class.

Compared to other colleges such as public, in state schools, the annual tuition is almost $8,000. When compare to Alamo Colleges, which is an average of $2,000 that is a $6,000 difference. We all have other expenses and responsibilities we need to attend to, and I’m sure most of them require money.

Imagine having $6,000 extra to pay off a car bill or house payment. To me that sounds like great deal. The average cost for a public college, out of state is about $25,000.  By going to the Alamo Colleges, you can save $23,000, which is money that can be used for other purposes.

There are also other opportunities that can help you with your finances for school, such as scholarships. The Alamo Colleges has a wonderful database full of scholarships that anyone can apply for. They have a variety of scholarships, so that any student can find at least a few that they are eligible for. Money should never be an excuse to not continue your education because there are always ways to make it work at Northwest Vista.

– NVC Student Tiffany Rico
Wildcat Mentor & Public Relations Work Study


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