Almost There – An Associate Degree in Sight!

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Wow… we are already midway through the Fall 2014 semester! Time flies when you really don’t expect it to. At the end of this semester, I’ll be graduating with an Associate of Arts Degree and moving on to a university.

During the summer, the NVC website posted information about Fall 2014 graduation. The first day to apply for graduation was July 1st. Guess where I was at 8 am? That’s right—I was on my computer using the Get in Line Now link posted on the website. I am so thankful that the school decided to use a virtual queue system. It’s extremely convenient, and it allows me to do other things instead of waiting in Cypress until they call my name.

Meeting an advisor to apply for graduation was short and simple. My advisor made sure all my classes aligned with the degree plan. I was confident that I followed my degree plan thanks to Alamo GPS in ACES which allowed me to keep tabs on my progress. There was one small discrepancy, but the advisor corrected it. Once he did the degree audit, we verified personal information (updated address, phone number, etc.). That’s it! It’s that simple!

If you have 45+ hours, I recommend you meet with an advisor. They will be able to tell you if you are on the right path to completion or if you are eligible to apply for graduation. The advising and application for Spring graduation begins November 15th and ends March 20, 2015. Go ahead… meet with an advisor… get your degree… and I’ll see you at graduation!

By Gerona Nylander
NVC Student and Public Relations Administrative Assistant


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