College Takes Discipline

I am an older student, a student who recently turned 30. Going to college is hard. Going to college and trying to study online is infinitely more difficult than sitting in a classroom. Going to college after having been out of high school for 12 years and working a full-time demanding job seems close to impossible.

What is work-life balance? I wake up every day wondering how I can do it all and still have time to breath, let alone enjoy my life. Friends are nearly non-existent. Free time is something I do when I sleep. I wake up early each morning and put in a full day of work. I come home too tired to think any longer but I have to do my school work. But wait, there’s my girlfriend too. How do I manage to make this all work? Discipline. It take dedication and discipline to succeed.

I would rather be out playing my bass and enjoying my friends, but I know I need to be organized and disciplined. School is only temporary. Some day I will graduate and the pressures of class will fade away but today I need to keep focused on following a schedule and being disciplined in my studies. I need to take time for my girlfriend and time for me, but I must fit school into my daily schedule knowing it will be worth it all in the end.

By NVC Student Chris Horn

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