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Time Management: Keep a Calendar!

20131225142344It’s the last few weeks of school before summer and I took on a lot of new opportunities this semester, and I’ve already agreed to take on a few more next semester, but that’s kind of the point isn’t it? Well, for me it is.

This is where that growth from living life on my own terms and paycheck to paycheck becomes full of meetings, classes, fundraisers, more meetings, New Student Orientations, homework, presentations, more meetings, and so forth. You can’t always do your first choice, even if it’s your favorite thing in the world. Instead you have to set very specific goals, because in the end this is where all the skills required for that dream career are built.

Trust me, there is no satisfaction to be gained from living paycheck to paycheck. Or I should say, no long-term satisfaction. It’s fine for a little while, but then you’ll wake up when you’re 29, like I did, and realize this is not what you had in mind.

Fortunately I figured it out real quick, and am now in a situation where every minute of my day must be accounted. Time management is the only way this works, and the best advice I can give is keep a calendar. Also, make sure you use it not just every day, but throughout the day. Whenever you’re presented with a choice, choose very carefully, and make absolutely certain it is the right choice. Once the decision’s been made that’s it; you’ve committed.

By NVC Student Bryan McCluggage


New Psychology Honor Society

Psychology Honor Society 2015

Northwest Vista College has a newly created chapter of a Psi Beta Honor Society – a national honor society for psychology students.

On Thursday, April 16th, the charter members of this honor society were inducted in a candlelight ceremony which featured guest speaker – Don “Dr. Don” Lucas, Ph.D, professor of Psychology and coordinator of NVC’s Psychology department. Inductees were presented with certificates, pins, and honor cords to be worn at graduation.

Jennifer Fox and Cynthia Jacox are the faculty advisors for this new organization which recognizes the academic achievements of NVC psychology majors.

Tips & Advice to Make it to the Finish Line

039We have rolled over the half-way hill this semester at Northwest Vista College and now we’re going for the finish line.

For some of you, graduation may be waiting. For others, Maymester, summer classes, or the fall semester is waiting. Where are you standing right now? By that I mean, how are your grades? If your grades aren’t so good right now, here are tips and advice on how to give that extra mile.

Are you having trouble in math?

Please keep in mind that NVC has a Math Lab for Cooperative Learning located in Juniper Hall room 316. There are tutors that help you with any math question you have. From experience, I can say that these tutors are excellent.

Are you behind in a subject?

Find any little time you have to get caught up. Exchange the time you use to watch TV, play video games, surf the internet, go out with friends and work on your homework.

Let your professor know that you have acknowledged that you are behind and you are working your hardest to get caught up. If you don’t let your professor know that you’re working on assignments, he or she might think you’re not trying in the class and may drop you after 3 absences (if any).

Get to know your classmates if you haven’t already! Don’t be afraid to ask someone for help or what their thoughts were with assignments; just don’t copy their work, of course.

Are you failing or think you’re going to fail?

I believe the key solution is to communicate with your professor. Ask him or her if you can redo assignments and do any possible extra credit.

Good luck!

By NVC Student Tamara Davida-Lopez