NVC Cross Country Team DOMINATE Local Races

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Alamo City Run Fest- February 22, 2015

In the debut race of the Spring 2015 semester, 11 NVC runners participated in the Alamo City Run Fest. Running in the 5k race was Mercedes Rodriguez and Micah Florence. Micah finished the 3.1-mile race in a time of 19:59 placing first in his age group. Mercedes placed 3rd in her age group and ran a time of 30:22.

Competing in the 10k race was Vincent Del Pino, Norby Salazar, Sean Perry, Aaron Beattie, and Toni Lindsay. Vincent, Aaron, and Sean dominated their age group placing first, 2nd, and 4th running times of 39:45, 43:42, and 45:51 respectively. Norby placed 2nd in his age group running a time of 49:21. Toni placed 3rd overall in her age group running a time of 49:21.

Racing in the half marathon race was Sergio Luera, Patrick Gonzales, Karla Cortez, Vienna Garcia, and Rhea Migdalski. Sergio placed 2nd in his age group running a time of 1:30:25. Karla, Rhea, and Vienna swept their age group finishing 1-3 running times of 1:37:18, 1:42:25, and 1:44:37 respectively. Patrick took 2nd in his age group with a time of 1:43:38.

Revenge of the Nerds-5k

On February 28, the NVC cross-country team braved the rain and extreme Texas cold weather to run in the campus 5k race: Revenge of the Nerds. Karla Cortez took the overall women’s winner position with a time of 21:39. Rhea Migdalski finished first in the 15-19 female division with a time of 22:01. Toni Lindsay won the Engineering division with a time of 23:39. Mercedes Rodriguez finished third in the 20-29 age group with a time of 30:15, followed by Raquel Rodriquez with a time of 46:31. Vince Del Pino finished first for the men’s team and won the 1st place age group award for 15-19 year olds. Vince ran a time of 18:33. Sergio Luera finished second in the 15-19 age group with a time of 19:42. Norby Salazar won the 20-29 age group with a time of 21:22 followed in second place by Patrick Gonzales with a time of 22:36.

Alamo College Wellness 5k

The Northwest Vista Cross Country team dominated the competition at the Alamo College Wellness 5k on March 28. Sergio Luera and Norby Salazar took second and third overall running times of 18:46 and 19:29, respectively. The ladies were led by Karla Cortez who took first overall with a winning time of 21:25. Rhea Migdalski was hot on her heals, finishing second overall female with a time of 21:29. Colleen Rojas and Toni Lindsay finished fourth and fifth for the women recording times of 23:25 and 23:43, respectively. Vince Del Pino ran the race as well. He was in first place and was led the wrong direction, therefore not technically qualifying as first overall.

SARR Fiesta Mission 10k and 5k

On April 18, the NVC men and women’s cross-country team participated in the Fiesta Mission 5k and 10k. Racing for NVC in the 5k was Vienna Garcia and Samantha Castillo. Vienna took second female overall with a time of 22:01. Samantha ran 10th overall and 1st in her age group with a time of 25:36.

In the men’s 10k division, Vince Del Pino was the fastest male running a time of 35:27. David Gonzales placed 1st in his age group running a time of 43:30. Aaron Beattie place second in his age group with a time of 45:49. In addition, placing second in his age group, Robert Barrasa ran a time of 46:16.

Running for the girls in the 10k were Karla Cortez and Rhea Migdalski. Karla and Rhea took first and second overall with times of 43:56 and 45:34, respectively.

UIW track meet

Four Northwest Vista College Students participated in the UIW track meet on April 10. Vincent Del Pino ran in the 1500m race finishing in a time of 4 minutes and 29 seconds. Rhea Migdalski, Karla Cortez, and Vienna Garcia all participated in the women’s 5000m race. Rhea and Karla both ran a personal record of 21:01 and 21:07 respectively. Vienna was close behind with a time of 21:28 in the 3.1-mile race.

Contributed by NVC Cross Country Coach Ashley McGee


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