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Working Smarter as a Student

NVC Student Mary Oakes

NVC Student Mary Oakes

Being a working student is one of the best choices I could have ever made. When I first went back to school it was a challenge to balance the two workloads but in time I became a master of multi-tasking. I changed the way I looked at homework. Now, not only am I learning skills for my chosen field but I actually get to put those skills to use immediately and hone them.

How did I manage to do this? Moving away from jobs that had nothing to do with the career field I planned to be in after graduation, I began carving out a way to work in my field. It started with small jobs I did for free while working as a substitute teacher on a flexible schedule. Gradually, I developed a small portfolio of design and photography, establishing myself as a paid, budget friendly resource for fledgling entrepreneurs and families. I took on small design jobs for logos and business cards and began photographing portraits, ever growing my work load in this area. As my paid work load increased, I let go of the substitute teaching.

I also began optimizing my class efforts, often using client work as applicable homework. This often halves the time spent doing either and allows me more time for family. The added benefit has become being my own boss, setting my own hours and paycheck. It means by the time I do finish school, I will be a fully established independent photographic designer vs. looking around for a job.

By NVC Student Mary Oakes
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More Evening Classes Could Alleviate Parking


NVC Parking Garage

If you have ever taken a class during the day you know that Vista has a huge problem. It is one that was supposed to be fixed by the parking garage, but wasn’t.

There are still students parking off campus and trudging all the way to their class, only to leave school during the evening to walk past parking lots, now barren of cars. Others literally stalk other students through the parking lot to squeeze into their parking place the moment they back out enough to do so. I usually arrive 30 minutes prior to class to hope and pray I find a spot in time for class. I will admit to slowly creeping behind another student, creating a line of cars behind me, just for a sacred parking place.

I hear students talking about creating a larger parking garage, more parking lots, etc. All of which are very expensive, and will also create a larger parking dilemma while they are being constructed.

Why have I not heard of transitioning some of the classes to the evening? That would solve the dilemma. Or maybe creating more online courses? That too would help. I think that if we did transition some of our classes to the evening, or even overnight those classes would still get filled. There are many students at Northwest Vista that go to school during the day that are able to go in the evening, myself included.

I know that I would love to attend all my classes later in the evening, but sadly the courses I need aren’t all offered later in the day. We have the necessary parking places for the college; we just don’t have the classes.

By NVC Student Kiersten Tabish

NVC Alumna Interviews Hillary Clinton

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 5.06.58 PM

NVC Alumna Arantxa Loizaga interviews Hilary Clinton

NVC Aluma, Arantxa Loizaga, recently held an exclusive one-on-one interview with 2016 presidential candidate and former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, during her campaign stop in San Antonio to launch ‘Latinos for Hillary.’

The interview, aired nationally on the Univision Network on Oct. 18, and covered issues such as female equality in America, Latinos in politics and what Clinton loves most about San Antonio.

Arantxa is the weekend co-anchor for “Noticero Univision” which airs nationally.  She is a 2007 graduate of Northwest Vista College who earned an Associate of Arts with a concentration in Communications.

Watch the video in Spanish here:

Or you can read a transcript of her exclusive interview with Hillary Clinton here in English:

And Spanish: