More Evening Classes Could Alleviate Parking


NVC Parking Garage

If you have ever taken a class during the day you know that Vista has a huge problem. It is one that was supposed to be fixed by the parking garage, but wasn’t.

There are still students parking off campus and trudging all the way to their class, only to leave school during the evening to walk past parking lots, now barren of cars. Others literally stalk other students through the parking lot to squeeze into their parking place the moment they back out enough to do so. I usually arrive 30 minutes prior to class to hope and pray I find a spot in time for class. I will admit to slowly creeping behind another student, creating a line of cars behind me, just for a sacred parking place.

I hear students talking about creating a larger parking garage, more parking lots, etc. All of which are very expensive, and will also create a larger parking dilemma while they are being constructed.

Why have I not heard of transitioning some of the classes to the evening? That would solve the dilemma. Or maybe creating more online courses? That too would help. I think that if we did transition some of our classes to the evening, or even overnight those classes would still get filled. There are many students at Northwest Vista that go to school during the day that are able to go in the evening, myself included.

I know that I would love to attend all my classes later in the evening, but sadly the courses I need aren’t all offered later in the day. We have the necessary parking places for the college; we just don’t have the classes.

By NVC Student Kiersten Tabish


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