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Vista Cross Country Puts up Fast Results

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The Northwest Vista Cross Country team had an exceptional showing at the Friends of Government Canyon 8K/15K. This was a tough trail run with huge hills.

The 15K started first and the team was represented by David Antonio and Aaron Beatty, both 2nd-year runners. David came in first and 6th overall with a time of 1:15:42. This time was enough to place him first in his age group. Aaron was next, with an overall finish of 12th, but a first place finish for his age division. His overall time was 1:19:15.

The 8K started 15 minutes later. The team was represented by Vienna Garcia, Adam Soto, Vince DelPino – all 2nd-year runners and one freshman – Brandy Medina.

Adam was the overall winner, winning the race with a time of 35:19. Vince came in 4th overall and 1st in his age group, with a time of 37:20. Brandy was the first female to cross the finish line, winning the race with a time of 40:01. Vienna was the second female overall, but first in her age group, with a time of 40:34.

All the students ran a great race and have been working hard over the semester. The team is building up to its big race of the year – the San Antonio Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon and marathon on Dec. 6.

By NVC Cross Country Coach Staci Krueger


Find Your Passion!

Campus Pics_3483College is a life changer. It’s a time where you figure yourself out, pursue your dreams, and make friends along the way. It can teach you more than what’s in the book, and it teaches you the life skills that you need to succeed.

Two years ago I took general classes, and simply got by in them. I didn’t put in much effort because I was just uninterested. I had no real goals. However, last year I decided to go see an academic advisor in the CCC building. If you are ever confused about what you’re doing in school, visit them! After one visit, I changed my major and actually felt comfortable about my future. It’s amazing what a little soul searching, along with some advising can do.

I am now a Digital Media student, and I have been for about a year now. My life is completely different and continues to change daily. My grades for the last two semesters have been A’s. I’m focused, I’m interested, and I love my work. It still blows my mind how I enjoy homework.

I’m completely fascinated with where I’m going, and I see true growth in myself as a student. It’s affected me outside of class just as much as it has inside too, and this is the part that really gets me. Two years ago I felt lost and alone. I didn’t know what I was doing, and I had no confidence. Relationships suffered, as well as simple interactions with strangers. Finding something you love to do is the key to life’s success! You can’t just do the bare minimum. Get up, find what you like, do it with passion, and you’ll see a difference in every aspect of your life.

College is all about becoming all you can be, and recognizing the potential that was in you the whole time. You got the stuff, so make it happen!

By NVC Student Justin Raymond

Making Sacrifices for a Degree

GradHats_1Have you ever tried to balance school and work? What sort of sacrifices have you had to make?

Here is my story…

I go to school part time, usually three classes a semester, year round. I live with my husband, who also goes to school. We have to work full time to pay for school and all of our other bills. I had to quit my previous job as a veterinary technician so that I can finish school. Now, I work at Domino’s making pizzas.

For me this has been a sacrifice. I used to work during the mornings, 7:30am until 5pm, and then I would go to school in the evenings. This worked for my first semester, but then the classes I needed started to get spread out. I would have a class at noon, a class at 3pm, a class at 8pm. The veterinary clinic paid me well, but couldn’t work with my school schedule any longer. I had to prioritize, so I quit my job.

I spent a month looking for another job and finally got hired by the great Domino’s Pizza. Domino’s has been wonderful, the work is easy, but the pay isn’t what I made at the veterinary clinic. They help me and work with my school schedule though. I can let them know the day before if I need more time to study, or need to switch my shifts with someone else.

As a college student I know that right now is the time where I must make sacrifices, because once I have my degree I will get the big bucks. I need to bide my time and work towards my goals. School is my highest priority, family is my second, work is my third.

For me this has been a huge transition.

By NVC Student Kiersten Tabish