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My life as a College Student

039“When you get to the end of the rope, tie a knot and hang on.” – Franklin Roosevelt

I starting going to college in 2008 but have only been really serious about it since 2014. I feel like I have been going to school forever and for what? My first major was Early Childhood Education because I had worked with children all my life. I believed that was what I was meant to do. Wrong!

So I changed my major to Web Development. I thought this was it because I liked working with computers and figuring things out most people couldn’t, so I studied that for a few semesters, but I wasn’t really feeling it. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the things I was going to school for, and I still do, but I just didn’t seem to get it. I took a lot of online classes since I was a young parent and trying to juggle work at the same time. Trying to study alone was weighing me down. My grades were up and down and I just didn’t think I was getting anywhere. So I took a break. A nice good one.

I started off strong when I came back to school in 2014, I had no choice. I was on academic probation and I had to pay for those classes. No way was I going to waste my money! I passed those classes and I was ready for the next semester. This time I was going to try on-campus classes and the major I declared was Digital Media. I had so much fun, I felt like I was on the right track. I had wonderful instructors and people around me that supported me. I even got straight A’s.

Since then, I am back to taking online classes, but I am still working just as hard! Sometimes I do procrastinate and even at times forget a due date for an assignment, but I am staying positive. My major is still the same and I can’t wait to finish.

No matter how long you have been going to school, or how many times you have changed your major, keep pushing! Your future self will thank you once you have reached your goal.

By NVC Student Traishelle Armstrong


Tips to Save Money

SavingMoneySaving money can be a drag and a very hard decision for most young college students.

I have had plenty of experience when it came to saving up money and only buying what is necessary at the moment. Here are three ways you can save some money and have extra for when you need it.

Home Cooked Meals

I am sure we all have a friend who wants to go out to eat like every day right? Well don’t follow that trend, home cooked meals are way cheaper and they can feed you for longer than just one set meal. The price for an 8-pieces of pork chops is less money than a combo meal at Mc Donald’s.

Start a savings account

If you have a job while taking some classes at a university or community college, you should start a savings account so you don’t spend all your money too fast or lose it. Money goes fast when you are in college –  food, clothes, and video games burn a hole in your pocket really fast! Putting $50 away every check can help you if you break your phone, lose an expensive book, or face an emergency.

Do not buy cable

From my very own experience, do not buy cable. It is a waste of at least $120 every month. Think about it,  we spend most of our time on Netflix or Amazon, right? Online streaming is the new wave, and you can find all your favorite shows online. The extra money you have from not paying for cable can go to a new laptop or on a cool spring break vacation.

Written by NVC Student Erik Providence