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NVC Students Shine at Music Competition

NVC is Super Proud of its students who competed at the National Association of Teachers of Singing on April 9 at UTSA.

Silmar Bonilla, Alisa Cotto, Christian Cruz, Elsa Gonzalez, April Rodriguez, and Annabella Vega worked extra hours of lessons starting in February and mastered audition pieces through this semester for this competition.

Dr. Minkyung Lee, NVC voice/choir instructor, served as a judge for both premier and final round for this audition, and she added her students had a great experience from meeting 351 singers in South Texas District.

The semifinalists were: Silmar Bonilla in musical theatre division and April Rodriguez in classical female division for outstanding scores. The finalist was Christian Cruz, who made 2nd place in classical male division. All other NVC contestants scored 85-89 average.

Dr. Lee said “thank you to the fabulous Hanna Lee for collaborating so expertly at the piano and your professionalism to visit us from Austin to rehearse with all the students and even sending recordings for the audition pieces.

… Congrats to all my students for singing at NATS and shining Northwest Vista College’s music department.”


Depending on Your Instructors

fbcover_sign_600px.jpg“Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students.” –Solomon Ortiz

Whether or not you may believe it, but having support from your instructors really does change your outlook on school. I don’t mean when they cut you slack, give you an A just because, or allow you to miss days; no, this does not help. However, if you are a student who is really trying your hardest and really want to make something of yourself, some instructors will provide you the ability to move toward your goals even if they do not make it known.

I say this because it has happened to me more than once. I must say it was a shock to me at first because I never paid much attention to my instructors when I first started college, I just wanted to pass the class and move on. But sometimes I would try to find a way to connect with my instructors and see them as someone who used to be in my shoes. One of my instructors once said, “I used to eat Top Ramen too!” That was hilarious to me because we have all been there. This is a prime example that before they were teaching the class, they were attending class.

I supposed over the years, I became more mature, because I was able to see them as someone trying to help my future rather than someone making my life miserable with homework. I never took the time out until recently to appreciate the work they put in for me to get where I am today. The instructors that I had from various subjects have made a positive impact on me so much that I decided to change schools and my major because I knew they were leading me in the right direction.

Some students may feel as if they are here every day on campus to fend for themselves. Your instructors are here for a reason, as much as you depend on your scientific calculator in that overwhelming math class, you should be able to depend on your instructor. Not for an easy way out of course, but to guide you in the right direction. All you have to do is ask, they will have the answers or will try to help you find them.

By NVC Student Traishelle Armstrong


Busy Weekend for Vista Runners


The Northwest Vista Distance Team had a busy but successful weekend.

Several runners competed at the University of the Incarnate Word track meet.

Javier Ramirez got things going for the team running the 1500. He had an amazing finish, showing tremendous guts – starting his sprint at the 300 & keeping it through the end, passing up at least 5 runners at the end. He improved his time by 20 seconds, running a 4:37.

Adam Soto and team captain,Aaron Beattie, were next competing in the 5000 race. Adam came in just under 19 minutes and Aaron followed closely behind. Micah Florence finished the 800 in 2:16 and the 400 in 56.23. Aaron ran both 5000 and 800 to get some extra training in. Robert Dreamkowski ran in his very first track meet, competing in the 100. He finished with a time of 12.56.

The team had three runners compete in the Carnival of Venice 5K night run. It was an interesting experience running at night with headlamps and flashlights but all the athletes said they had a lot of fun, even though their times were slower then normal. All three runners came in first in their age group. Esther Lucio finished first in the women’s under 20 age group, team captain, Vienna Garcia, finished first in the women’s 20-25 age category and Gilbert Rodriguez finished first in the men’s 20-25 age category.

The team will compete this weekend at the Fiesta Mission 5K/10K run in downtown San Antonio. They will take a little break before their last race in May.