Monthly Archives: August 2016

“First Week Done…Now What?”

IMG_5747So your first week has passed, and you now have a better understanding of the parking situation. Hopefully you have made at least one new friend in each of your classes. So now what?

Well you would be happy to know that it does get better. I cannot tell you countless thoughts I had about questioning my professors or my own abilities. Did I choose the right professor? Is it too late to drop? Can I handle these assignments? I have these thoughts every semester.

What I can tell you is that I take each course week by week. Make sure to communicate a bit more with your professors and peers in your class because by doing so, it will expand your horizons, and believe me at NVC this is what professors appreciate. Plus getting the conversation going helps you when doing your group assignments because that awkward silence is no longer there.

By attending classes, you will start to feel a sense of accomplishment throughout the semester. It feels good when you have a purpose. You will start to notice that you will get better at managing your time too. You will want to try to avoid becoming complacent because it’s not beneficial for you when you need to turn in assignments.

So pat yourself on the back, you made it the first week. Be mindful of resources available to you around campus. Ask questions, this is your time. Let’s make it a fun semester and participate in activities around NVC so you can learn about all the cool things NVC has to offer.

By NVC Student Jay Jimenez