It’s Strength…Not Stigma

Mental Health.jpg

Mental health illness is a condition that can be treated. Research has done tremendous efforts with people living with such a condition. However there are still many who are undiagnosed or need help to accept their illness.

NVC will be hosting a Mental Health Fair on November 3. It is hosted by Psi Beta Sigma. NVC Psychology Professor Jennifer Fox, who is helping to organize the event, also lives with mental illness.

Fox says, “I too, have struggled with major depression and generalized anxiety disorder since the age of 18.”

According to One in four students have a diagnosable illness. Also:

  • 40% do not seek help
  • 80% feel overwhelmed by their responsibilities; and
  • 50% have been so anxious they struggled in school.

Fox recounts, “I hid behind a shroud of secrecy and shame from friends and family, as well as myself.”

This is the purpose of this event – to take the first step and speak about it to someone. This event is also for people who are not suffering from a mental illness but to become a little more educated to understand it and possibly help someone who may be suffering from mental illness.

Fox adds, “I wholeheartedly credit my courageous students who’ve lifted their own shrouds of secrecy by sharing their stories with me for the perseverance and dedication.”

Fox concludes, “I invite all of you to join us at the closing of the mental health summit as we courageously stand together to raise awareness, celebrate our resilience, and transform the stigma into strength.”

By NVC Student Jay Jimenez


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